HDPE Group

 HDPE Irrigation Piping HDPE Conduit Piping PE Q-1 & Ezy Loc Fittings System 


TAP KORR Corrugated PE Pipe
K-BLE TAP Corrugated PE Pipe
HDPE Compression Fitting
       PP-RE Group

PP-R (80) and Fittings (Thai PP-R)  PP-R (80) and Fittings (Grean Pipe)  
        Others Piping Group    

Syler (Steel Pipe coated with PE)

- Steel Sprinkler Pipe Firex (Schedule-10), and

Grooved Coupling Fittings 

                - Steel Pipe
        Farm & Fence System
              - Vineman                        - TAEWADA Fence
                   - Water Meter HDPE Welding Equipment - Repairing Equipment HDPE, PVC (Repair Clamp)
                       - Galvanized                           - Top Flex
                      - Stubend
                  - Gasket                  - Backing Saddle
                 - Clamp Saddle
                 - PVC Pipe